Agency profile

In this section you can enter the details of your agency: be sure to include valid contact details because they will appear in the public area.

Figure 3.69. System tables: Agency profile

System tables: Agency profile

[Note]Edit agency profile

In Domus Organizer Pro only users with Manage agency permission will be able to edit agency profile. For further details please read the related section.

[Note]Domus Organizer ACL system

The Properties default access level and Customer default access level fields are available in the professional version only, since they are requested by the ACL system.

Support for multiple agencies

Inside the pro version you'll be able to manage more agencies instead of only one.

Figure 3.70. Multiple agencies

Multiple agencies

In the edit page of every customer and property you'll be able to assign the current record to a specific agency:

Figure 3.71. Multiple agencies: property edit form view

Multiple agencies: property edit form view

[Important]Add or delete an agency

Only users that have the permission Component administrator or that are Super users can add or delete an agency.

[Important]Edit an agency

Only users that have the permissions Manage agency can edit agency's profile.