Data configuration

Domus Organizer needs some basic information in order to function correctly. At the end of the installation you will be presented with a link to load the sample data.

We strongly suggest you to follow it, so you can immediately understand the functionality without having to spend time in the details. At a later time, you can delete or modify the configuration details that don't meet your needs.

If you do not want to install the sample data, you must manually enter the following data:

  • Real estate

  • Categories

  • Types

  • Districts

  • Towns

  • Current user information

  • Element groups, property elements and attributes

For more information about this part you should read the section System Tables.

[Tip]Demo content

If you forgot to install demo content and you wish to do that later, take a look at the backend, inside the Utilities page. There is a link that will install demo content on your site. Please remember that doing so will erase any saved data!

[Note]Consistency checks

By default, Domus Organizer will automatically perform consistency checks on the items above. If there were to be some mistake, you will see this:

Figure 2.1. Consistency checks

Consistency checks

[Tip]Note on performance

For the first time it is recommended to enable the controls, but after you have defined all the required items you can disable them to increase performance.

Since the information contained within Domus Organizer are reserved, access to the administration part is allowed only to certain types of users.

As first thing, go to Joomla! backend and create a new group. In our opinion we suggest you to create it under the default group Registered, in this way you can reduce the risk of conflicting permissions:

Figure 2.2. Creating a new group for Domus Organizer

Creating a new group for Domus Organizer
Creating a new group for Domus Organizer

After that, create a new access level, create a new menu item linked to Domus Organizer daskboard and assign the access level to it. In this way, only authorized users will be able to see the menu: we suggest you to add the Super Users group, too, so you can test eventual problems as Super Administrator.

Figure 2.3. Creating a new access level for Domus Organizer

Creating a new access level for Domus Organizer
Creating a new access level for Domus Organizer

Figure 2.4. Creating a new menu entry for Domus Organizer

Creating a new menu entry for Domus Organizer

In the options of the component, visible in the backend of your site, go to the Permissions tab. For the group we have just created, enable the actions you need.

Figure 2.5. Domus Organizer permissions

Domus Organizer permissions

Great, you are ready to start!

[Important]Required categories menu entry

Please remember to create a menu entry for the categories view, without any special params (no filters by category nor type). This is required by Joomla to understand the correct page to visualize while browsing search results or showing the single property.

This menu could be hidden, there is no need to show it inside the page: you can simply create a new menu and then add a new menu entry, without assigning any module to it.

Otherwise Joomla will find the administrative page as the fittest one, but this will lead to 403 errors since a guest can't access to the administrative area.