Single appointment

Figure 3.29. Agenda: Single appointment

Agenda: Single appointment


Title of the appointment, we suggest a short but significant title.


Appointment category.

Start time - End time

Start and end time. If the event will take the entire day, Domus Organizer will set the start time to 00:00:00 and the end time to 23:59:59

All day

Will the appointment take the entire day? In this case the record will be placed inside the All day box.

Assigned to

The user assigned to the appointment. If the left empty, the record will be assigned to the user that created it.

Customer - Property

The customer and the property linked to the appointment.


The place of the appointment. If there is a linked property, Domus Organizer will load its address.


Appointment description

[Note]Appointments with customers and properties

If the appointment is linked to a customer or a property, beside showing up the button for jumping on it, Domus Organizer will display the appointment inside the agenda of the customer/property, too