Post on agent Facebook timeline


This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Domus Organizer offers the integration with Facebook, so you can post directly on your agent timeline a photo of the property with a custom text.

[Note]Technical notes and privacy concerns

Facebook uses OAuth2 authentication method. This requires a fixed endpoint (URL) for each application which uses it, such as Domus Organizer. Since Domus Organizer is installed on your site, therefore has a different endpoint URL for each installation, you could not normally use Facebook API. We have solved it by creating a small intermediary script which lives on our own server and acts as an intermediary between your site and Facebook. When you are linking Domus Organizer to Facebook you are going through the script on our site. Please note that even though you are going through our site we DO NOT store this information and we DO NOT have access to your Facebook account.

Publish the integration plugin

Facebook integration is brought to you by the Domus Organizer Integrations - Facebook plugin (group domusintegration). Before continuing, you have to double check that such plugin is installed and enabled in your Joomla site.