Link agent profile to Google Calendar service

First of all, you have to allow Domus Organizer to post events on user calendar. Inside every agent profile you will find the Authenticate button:

Figure 4.8. Google Calendar: Request authentication

Google Calendar: Request authentication

This will open a pop-up window, where our Domus Organizer app will ask for permissions:

Figure 4.9. Google Calendar: Permissions request

Google Calendar: Permissions request

After granting permissions to Domus Organizer, the access and refresh token should be displayed for you, ready to be sent back to your site:

Figure 4.10. Google Calendar: Access and Refresh token fetched

Google Calendar: Access and Refresh token fetched

Clicking on the Complete Google Calendar authentication button will bring you back to your site, with the fields filled:

Figure 4.11. Google Calendar: Authentication completed

Google Calendar: Authentication completed

After saving your user profile, you'll be able to choose the calendar you want the events being published:

Figure 4.12. Google Calendar: Choose user calendar

Google Calendar: Choose user calendar