Custom print templates


This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Quite often, during your every day work, you have to create documents starting from the information stored inside your site: rent or sell contracts, flyovers that will be displayed inside your office and so on.

Usually you have a standard text that will be manually filled with customer and property details. With this feature, you can use tokens and image placeholders that will be automatically replaced with the data coming from Domus Organizer.

[Important]File format

At the moment only Word documents with extension .docx are supported

Edit a print template

First of all you have to create a new Print Template inside Domus Organizer: here you can specify additional details about the template.

Template title

The title assigned to the template

Template file

The template file containing the tokens and the image placeholders


Is this record published?

Customer required

Does this template require a customer to render its information?

Property required

Does this template require a property to render its information?

Image placeholders

This template contains image placeholders?

[Note]Linked customer or property

If the template is linked with a customer or a property, you'll be automatically redirected to the customer or property list, so you can choose the correct one

This is pretty straightforward, now you have to take extra care about creating the real template document.