Create a template document (with images)

Creating a template that contains images is a little more complicated.

First of all, while saving the document in Domus Organizer, you will have to the set the option Image placeholders to Yes; in this way the component knows that we are going to replace some images inside the file.

Then you have to actually put some images inside your Word document:

[Note]Empty image placeholders

If you don't know how to create or download empty images, you can use website: there you can choose the exact size of the image and add a custom text on it.

This is very helpful when you'll replace the placeholder with the actual token, so you'll get an immediate reference on what such placeholder should contain.

Before outputting the final document, Domus Organizer will ask you which token do you want to use to replace any placeholder image. You'll simply have to drag and drop the token over the image: Domus Organizer will do the rest.

[Important]Images size

Please pay attention to the size of the placeholders: for technical reasons Domus Organizer can not change the size of the image inside the document (doing that would corrupt it), so try to use placeholders with a size close to the actual image that will be used.

Moreover, you should pay extra attention to image proportions: if you create a rectangular placeholder and you replace it with a square image the end result could be sub-optimal. Domus Organizer will try to proportional resize the new image to fit placeholder dimensions; however that's only an estimated guess, so, once again, you should use placeholders with a size close to the actual image that will be used.