Configuration options

Component params

Domus Organizer is very flexible to meet the needs of different customers.

As default values ​​were inserted those most commonly used, however you can edit them to meet your individual needs.

Figure 3.51. Component params: sections

Component params: sections

1. General options

Contains options at a general level (currency symbol, decimal position etc. etc.).

2. Gallery

Inside this tab there are the options for creating the photo gallery (resizing, watermark etc. etc.).

3. Frontend

Contains the parameters for displaying properties in the public area.

4. Permissions

Inside you can find the permission management of Joomla!, in order to be able to grant the component access only to a certain kind of users.

General options

Figure 3.52. Component params: general options

Component params: general options

Download ID

If you purchased the professional version, you have to insert your download ID in order to be able to update your component automatically.

Currency Symbol, Symbol position, Space unit, decimal number, decimal separator, thousands separator

Through these options, you can modify the presentation and format of the amounts and the surface.

Space unit

Edits surface format.

Run checks

Domus Organizer automatically checks to see if all the information required are ok (for example if there are categories, types, attributes of the property and so on). They are very useful at the beginning, then they can be disabled to increase performance.


When uploading photos, Domus Organizer resizes the photos and, if required, applies a watermark.

Figure 3.53. Component params: gallery options

Component params: gallery options

Agency logo height, agency logo width

Height and width of the agency logo

Photo width, photo height

Pixel values ​​relative to the size of the resized photo. Pay attention to the ratio of height / width: if the uploaded photo has a different ratio, Domus Organizer will try to get as close as possible.

Thumbnail Width, Thumbnail Height

Pixel values ​​related to the image thumbnail.

Beautify images

Domus Organizer will apply some contrast and and brightness to beautify your images. You can enabled/disable it switching this option

Images folder path

Path containing the images of properties: the folder must be writable in order to save the resized images.

Default missing image

If the property has no photo to display, you can show a standard image: for example the logo of your agency.

Add watermark

If you want, you can add a watermark on your images; this could be a text string or an image (the latter option is available on pro version only)

Watermark type

Should Domus Organizer apply a text watermark or an image one?

Watermark text

Text watermark to apply; in the case where there is no text, Domus Organizer will use the following string: (c) <year> <URL> - powered by Domus Organizer

Watermark image

Path to the image that will be used as watermark


Watermark position, you can choose between the following values:

  • Top left

  • Top right

  • Center

  • Bottom left

  • Bottom right


Fontsize used while creating a text watermark


Angle of the watermark, you can choose values from -90 to +90 degrees


Figure 3.54. Component params: frontend options

Component params: frontend options

[Note]Domus Organizer PRO

Following options are used on PRO version only

Print type

Print type: a ready-to-download PDF or a print-on-paper friendly version?

Use extended fonts

Enable this option if you're using special chars such as ž, š, č.

[Important]Additional fonts

Please take a look at this page for further details on how correctly use this option

PDF layout

PDF layout: horizontal or vertical?

Print header / footer

PDF header and footer should be printed?

PDF margins

In these three fields you can set custom margin values. In this way you can adapt your document body with its content.

[Important]PDF print

For further info and correct configuration, please take a look at the related entry inside the manual

Show assigned user

Inside the pro version you can assign the property to an agent. Enabling this option, the public property page will show the agency details and the agent ones, too.

Redirect contact emails to assigned user

Enabling this option, contact email regarding a property will be sent to the assigned agent; the agency, however, will get a copy of the sent message.

[Important]Agent assigned to properties

For further info and correct configuration, please take a look at the related entry inside the manual

Main language

What's your site main language? Setting it, Domus Organizer will remove it from available translations.

[Important]Multi language support

For further info and correct configuration, please take a look at the related entry inside the manual

Run content plugins

Should Domus Organizer trigger content plugins inside the public property view? Disable this option if you're facing issues or you're not interested in this feature.

[Important]Run content plugins

For further info and correct configuration, please take a look at the related entry inside the manual

[Note]Domus Organizer FREE

Following options are valid on both PRO and FREE versions

Full address format / Hidden address format

Different countries have different formats for addresses; in these fields you can specify your own format for address. In the first case it will be used when the complete address is displayed, the second one is used when the limited address is requested.

The following tokens are available:

  • [STREET_TYPE] Type of the street

  • [STREET] Street name

  • [STREET_NUM] Address number of the property

  • [ZIP] Zipcode

  • [TOWN] Town of the property

  • [DISTR] District of the property

[Note]Multi language and format address

You can use multiple address formats, associated with a specific language. In this way you could have a different address for the English language and another one for the German one.

You have to write each format address one per line, prefixed with the language tag (for example en-GB):


In this way Domus Organizer will build the correct address depending on language used on the site. For further information about the multilanguage feature please refer to this chapter of the manual.

Property description limit (words)

Limits the amount of words that will be displayed in the list of properties

Hide empty property attribute fields

Always show every property attribute or only when they have a value?

Show complete address

With this option, you can decide if and when to display the full address for a property. The possible values ​​are:

  • Never

  • Always

  • Exclusive properties only

In the event that the full address is shown, the property will also be indicated on the map in the public area.

This is the general default setting, however you can setup an exception for a specifc property using the field Show complete address options inside property general details tab

Show property hits

Property web visits should be displayed?

Show rooms

With this option you can choose if and how displaying the rooms on frontend. You could choose from the following values:

  • Do not display Simply don't display anything

  • Display only bathrooms and bedrooms Display only the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, then group all other rooms together, for example: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 5 rooms

  • Display every room (with surface) Display the full list of the rooms with their surface, too

  • Display every room (without surface) Display the full list of the rooms but hide their surface

Price search range

The values ​​entered in this field will be used as default by the search module to create price ranges, Domus Organizer will create automatically lower and upper values​​; however, you can create specific price range for each type inside the type management page.

For example, the amounts shown in the image will generate the the following bands:

  • < 100.000

  • 100.000 - 150.000

  • 150.000 - 200.000

  • > 200.000


Since the information contained in the management are highly sensitive, make sure that they can only be accessed by authorized users.

We suggest, therefore, to create a group of Joomla! and an appropriate access level dedicated solely to agency.

Figure 3.55. Component params: permissions

Component params: permissions

[Note]Domus Organizer and ACL permissions

On free version Domus Organizer offers only component-wide permissions. Full ACL is supported inside the Professional version, please take a look at this section for further details.