Advanced search


This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Using the advanced search you can query your customer base and buildings in a much more efficient way than the standard search.

Figure 4.4. Advanced search

Advanced search

First we have to indicate what we're looking for (a potential customer for a property or vice versa) after which we can start inserting the various search parameters.

By default, Domus Organizer looks for records that equal the values ​​provided, with some exceptions:

  • In the case of Size/Price , it will look inside the two limits

  • In case of Max floor or Max units only records with a lower value will be displayed.

  • Regarding the Position, Domus Organizer will search in OR , in order to propose more alternatives.

    If, for example, we insert the following values​​:

    First record:

    • District: New York

    • Town: New York

    • Zone: Manhattan

    Second record:

    • District: New York

    • Town: New York

    • Zone: Queens

    Domus Organizer will propose records belonging to Manhattan and Queens.

  • Particular attention should be paid when you search on the number and type of rooms: Indeed, we can perform two types of research.

    The first, which we find on the left, is to search only for the type of room (bath or bedroom), without going into details of what actually is.

    For example, your customer is looking for a house with two bedrooms: it's not very important if they are single, double or a complete double, the customer will probably change, so it is not necessary to go into detail.

    The second type of research, however, assumes as valid results only records that have the exact number and type of rooms you select. For example, if you enter 2 single bedrooms and a living room, will appear only records that have exactly these three rooms.

    [Important]Merge of the two types of search

    If you are looking for both types of rooms (bedrooms or bathrooms generic) and for specific rooms (kitchen + living room), pay special attention not to confuse types of rooms that belong to the same group.

    For example, search for two rooms (generic) and a laundry room, provides correct results, search for two rooms (generic) and a bedroom, will provide wrong results because you apply the same filter twice.

[Note]Searchable elements

Here you will find only elements that are flagged as searchable. In this way you can filter out fields that are added only for aesthetic reasons, but you'll never use in searches.