This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Inside Domus Organizer you can find an agenda, in this way you can organizer your days e keep track of the appointments with customers and properties.

Figure 3.25. Agenda


Monthly view

The monthly view displays all the appointments inside the selected month.

Clicking on an appointment title, you will be redirected to its details. If you double click on a single day, you will switch to the daily view.

Figure 3.26. Agenda: Monthly view

Agenda: Monthly view

Assigned user filter

You can filter the appointments for the assigned user.


You can use it to surf through months

Switch view

Clicking on these buttons you can switch between monthly, weekly and daily view

Tooltip appointment

This tooltip displays the most relevant information about the appointment. If present, inside the tooltip you will find:

  • Start time, end time and title

  • Category

  • Linked customer

  • Linked property

  • Place of the appointment

  • Assigned user

  • A short snippet of the description