Carousel Module


This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Inside the professional version you will find a carousel module, too. With this module, you'll be able to show your properties in a fancy way to your users!

As usually, this extension is fully customizable, you can choose which kind of properties you want to show and how many of them:

Figure 3.30. Carousel module params

Carousel module params

Show only hot properties

Should this module show only hot properties or normal too?

Type, Category

Do you wish to show only properties belonging to a fixed type/category?

Image size

Carousel width is fluid, so you can place it anywhere: from a small box to a full width position.

However, you should choose the right image size to prevent weird result: as default, you should use full images but if the position where you published the module it's quite narrow, maybe you should consider displaying thumbnails.

Image title max length, Image description max length

Here you can set a maximum length for photo title and description, leave it empty or equal to 0 to display all the text

Number of images

How many images (properties) do you want to show?


Which field do you want to use for ordering?

Ordering direction

Direction of the ordering (ascending or descending)