Import data


This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Standard import

In the backend of your site, under the section Utilities you will find a new feature: Import data.

Through this page you'll be able to upload your data coming from an external source (another manager tool, for example) using tab-delimited text files.

Figure 4.28. Import data

Import data

1. Import type

Do you want to import customers or properties?

2. Agency

The agency the data is referring to

3. File

Import file

4. Headers on first line?

There are headers on the first line?

5. Encode descriptions?

Are descriptions (ie town, district, category etc. etc.) wrote as numbers (100, 105, 10 etc. etc.) or are they written in a extended way (New York, Apartment, Rent etc. etc.)?

In the latter case, Domus Organizer can convert descriptions into numerical ID, used inside the component. Please pay attention that the description must be written in the exact way as stored inside the system tables.

On the right side you can find some example file: you can open them using any software, like Excel or OpenOffice. While opening the file, the software will ask you how fields are separated; you have to answer Tab separated. After finishin your job, simply save the file and you'll be ready to execute the import.

[Note]Custom import plugin

This is the standard import plugin, however you can develop your own import plugin to match the format of the data you want to import.

You can find more technical details inside the Developers information page.