Properties Module


This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Instead, if you want to display your properties in a static way, you can use the following module:

Figure 3.31. Properties module

Properties module

This is a very versatile module, since you can place properties horizontally, vertically, on single row and columns or on multiple ones.

Figure 3.32. Properties module params

Properties module params

Show image

Should the image be displayed?

Show price

Should the price be displayed?

If the property is under "private treaty" (ie unknown price to the user), Domus Organizer will display the text Private treaty instead of the price.

Show type

Should the type be displayed?

Show title

Should the title be displayed?

Show category

Should the category be displayed?

Show description

Should the description be displayed?

You can limit description length with another option that you'll find below.

Show only hot properties

Should the module only display hot properties?


Display only a specific type


Display only a specific category

Property description max length

Max length in chars of the description.

Number of properties on each row

How many properties should be displayed on every row? If you want to display the module vertically, set this option to 1, so they will stack one above the other.

Number of properties

How many properties should be displayed?


Which field do you want to use for ordering?

Ordering direction

Direction of the ordering (ascending or descending)