Setup multilanguage


This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

You will be able to translate all the parts visible to the public, if present Domus Organizer will show the description in the current language.

You can translate the following items:

  • Properties

  • Element groups, Property elements and Element attributes

  • Room types

  • Categories

  • Types

  • Street types, Towns and Districts

As you can imagine the translation of the property is a little more challenging, while for the other items the process is simpler.

First of all you have to set the Main language option inside component options; in this way Domus Organizer will display only the other languages.


Please remember that items will be translated in the public area only, in the administrative one you'll always see the "original" one, regardless of the current language. For praticity sake, you should create items using your native language (ie English), then add the translation in other languages (German, Spanish, Italian etc. etc.)

[Tip]Translation status

Sometimes it's hard to keep track of which item is translated or not, so you can take a look at the Translation Dashboard. For each item and each language, you'll see its advancement

Translate properties

Inside the edit form you will find a new section dedicated to translations:

Figure 4.5. Property translations

Property translations

Click on Add translation to add a new translation. This will open a modal window with the text editor and the language of the translation.

Once you have completed your text, click on Apply to return to the edit form.

Figure 4.6. Property translations: edit form

Property translations: edit form