Print property PDF


This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

If set inside component options, you can convert the public property layout into a PDFs instead of displaying a print layout.

As you are used to do with Domus Organizer, you can modify its layout using template overrides; you have to create these files:

  • site_root/your_template/html/com_domus/publics/property_pdfheader.php

  • site_root/your_template/html/com_domus/publics/property_pdf.php

  • site_root/your_template/html/com_domus/publics/property_pdffooter.php

[Note]Html Code And Pdf

Writing PDF compatible HTML code could be an hard task, since you have to do that "in the old way" (nested tables).

We strongly suggest you to start from our layouts and adapt them following your needs.

PDF prints with non UTF-8 charsets (ie Russian)

In order to keep the size of the component package low, Domus Organizer includes the fonts only for the most used languages. If the PDF contains one or more questions marks ? instead of the correct character, it means that your language is not supported by the default font family.

Fixing it is very simple: first of all you have to download and install the package name TCPDF Additional fonts. It's a Joomla compatible package, so you can install as a normal extension.

Then inside Domus Organizer component options you have to enable the feature Use extended fonts.