Property elements

Elements are the details of properties, like the Exposition, the Occupation or the Year of build.

Figure 3.63. System tables: Property elements

System tables: Property elements

In addition to belonging to a group, the elements can be of two types:

  • Select list: Its possible values ​​are chosen within a set of values, defined through the Element attributes that we will see later.

  • Input: Entering values ​​is free, you get a free text field.

Figure 3.64. Property element detail

Property element detail

If, for example, we want to create the item Exposure, this will be of type Select list because obviously we can select only a limited number of values ​​(cardinal points).

At the contrary, if we want to create the Year of build, most likely it will of the type Input, so we will be able to insert any value.

[Important]Select list VS Input

Although more straightforward to use, fields of type Input require a greater number of resources, especially in the research phase. For this reason it is advisable to limit its use only in cases really necessary, converting to Select list items that have a well-defined range.

For example, the plan of the building or the number of floors of the building, is unlikely to be greater than 10, so it is recommended to create 10 attributes, one per floor. Similarly, for the year of construction is not very important to know the exact year, so you could group the years into decades.

[Important]Multi language support

Multi language support is available on PRO version only.

For further info and correct configuration, please take a look at the related entry inside the manual

Hide elements in public views and search form

This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Sometimes, you don't want to share publicly one or more information about the property. In the pro version you can create a "private" field flagging the following option:

Figure 3.65. Hidden elements

Hidden elements

In this way the field will be visible in the admin area only. As a friendly reminder, you will find an icon next to the hidden from public field.

Figure 3.66. Hidden elements: property form view

Hidden elements: property form view

Moreover you can hide a field from the Advanced search page, too, so you can have a lighter form.