Social share buttons


This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Social networks play an important role in any marketing campaign, so you'll really want to share your properties across several networks and let your users do the same.

Enabling this plugin, you'll be able use two more tokens inside your templates: [PROP_SOCIAL_SHARING_LIST] and [PROP_SOCIAL_SHARING]. The first one should be used inside properties list, while the latter one inside a single property template.

Figure 3.46. Social share plugin: result example

Social share plugin: result example

The Social Share plugin will come with several configuration params, so you an optimize its behavior on your needs

Figure 3.47. Social share plugin: configuration options

Social share plugin: configuration options

For each social network you'll be able to choose if you want to display its button, button layout and if you want to append property metadata to your page.

Figure 3.48. Social share plugin: property metadata

Social share plugin: property metadata

This is a very interesting feature: if you let Domsu Organizer injecting the required metadata, the search engine will be able to display a better image and an appropiate text for the link.

Figure 3.49. Social share plugin: example of shared property

Social share plugin: example of shared property

As you can image, a better link means more clicks that lead a better results, so we strongly suggest you to always enable this feature and turn it off only if you are experiencing any issue.