Chapter 2. Installation

Domus Organizer installation and minimum requirements

Minimum requirements

Domus Organizer has been developed and tested for version 3.3 and later of Joomla!; however we always recommend to use the latest version available, as each patch fixes all known problems.

[Important]Minimum Joomla! version

Your Joomla! version must be greater or equal to 3.3.x in order to install this extension; previous versions have several known bugs.

[Important]Minimum PHP version

You must have PHP 5.3 installed on your system. The previous version (5.2) is now quite old and lacks of a lot of features, moreover it's affected by some bugs.

[Important]Available memory

You should have at least 24Mb of available RAM memory on your server, since image manipulation (resizing, watermarking, beautifying) is a resource intensive process. Lower values might cause fatal errors.