Properties management

Property list

Figure 3.7. Property list

Property list

1. Toolbar

The toolbar is activated depending on the permissions assigned to you. In addition to the classic ones (create / delete), you can also copy and publish one or more properties.

In the first case, in addition to the property itself, propertiesare copied along with any additional information: rooms, owners, images etc. etc.

The publication, however, concerns the visibility on your site: in this way you can add or remove several buildings in a single operation.

2. Free search

Inside the free search you can enter keywords, automatically generated by Domus Organizer while save the building. The indexed fields are the following:

  • Title, reference and owners

  • Type, category

  • Town, address

So, for example, if we search for New York Apartment, Domus Organizer will offer all of the buildings in New York and which belong to the category Apartment.

Through the field Also items that are not active? you can include / exclude the property according to their internal publication.

3. Property sort

You can sort the list of properties

4. Property details

Shows the most important information of the property: reference, title, type, contract, owner, price (in brackets the minimum price).

5. Property publishing

Via four icons, you can have the information on the general publication of the property.

Icons indicate, respectively:

  • Hot property

  • Publication on your website

  • Internal publishing