Property - Images

For each property you can associate multiple images, assigning each a title and a description. Only the photos published will be used for the creation of the public gallery; the title and the description, instead will be used inside modules.

To set image order, click and drag an image: Domus Organizer will save it automatically

Figure 3.15. Property images

Property images

Domus Organizer offers you a simple and useful tool to upload multiple images at the same time:

  1. First of all choose the images you want to upload

  2. Click on Start upload

  3. Progress and any errors will be displayed here

[Important]Save before uploading!

In order to upload photos you have to save the property, otherwise it will be hidden.

[Warning]Images size, uploading time and resizing

Domus Organizer can resize uploaded images, but this happens at server side

This means that if you have a 2000 pixel images, 3 Mb large, you'll have to fully upload it before our extension will be able to start his resizing job. If you can, please try to shrink image dimensions, so you can cut down uploading and processing times.

[Note]Images and watermark

If requested, Domus Organizer will apply a physical watermark on the image to protected their ownership (you can do that inside component options). This means that if you later decide to change the text or the type of the watermark, images won't automatically update: you'll have to upload them again.

If set inside component options, Domus Organizer could use an image to create a watermark, instead of using a simple text (only on pro versions)

Figure 3.16. Image watermark

Image watermark

Image beautifying

This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Pictures are the most important thing for a real estate agency, which is why you can improve them automatically.

By selecting the appropriate option in the backend, Domus Organizer will increase the contrast and brightness of images

Figure 3.17. Image beautifying

Image beautifying