Property - Position

[Important]Google Street View

Google Street View feature is available on PRO version only.

Domus Organizer offers a system of very precise positioning via Google maps. Once you have entered a address, it will automatically be converted to its coordinates and displayed on the map, so you can change any position not exact.

Furthermore, in case the address corresponds to more than one location, Domus Organizer will propose them in the box below; however you can adjust the marker simply clicking on the map. To change the angle, simply click and drag inside the box that contains the street view.

Figure 3.14. Property position

Property position

1. Property address

The address entered here will be shown in all parts of the site and used to find the associated coordinates.

2. Box selection position

In the case in which the same address correspond to more than one location, the various options will fill this box, for an easier selection.