Property properties

Every property has several properties: heating type, property and stable condition, exposition etc. etc. Anyway, every real estate agency has different needs: some want to add more details, others don't; some need to detail park area type, others, instead, need to detail furniture type.

In order to meet these needs, Domus Organizer adopt a dynamic system of property properties management. In this way, every customer can customize his workarea as he wants:

  • Element groups They group several elements, for example Property Details or Stable details etc. etc.

  • Property elements They are the properties of the property, for example Air conditions, Park area, Exposition and so on.

  • Element attributes These are the values that you can assign to an element.

So, for example, property Exposition will be inside the group Property details and will have 4 attributes, one for each direction.

Figure 3.60. Property properties

Property properties

Element groups

For a better user experience, elements are divided into Element groups; while displaying property details, Domus Organizer will create a fieldset for every group.

Figure 3.61. System tables: Elements groups

System tables: Elements groups

Inside every record you will find the list of the elements linked to the current group:

Figure 3.62. Element group detail

Element group detail

[Important]Multi language support

Multi language support is available on PRO version only.

For further info and correct configuration, please take a look at the related entry inside the manual