Public area

The public area is the section visible to users of your site.

In this area, you will find only the properties that meet the following requirements:

  • property category is published

  • property type is published

  • the property is published on the web

    [Note]Web publishing and internal publishing

    Domus Organizer manages two different types of publication. The single property can be published internally (so it appears in the list of active properties, in the search results, etc. etc.), but remains "hidden" at the web.

    In this way you can separate the properties that you want to manage independently from those that want to publish on the your site.

Category list

The list of categories is the main page of the public area: here you can find all the categories published on your site.

The upper part shows the categories and related sub-categories, while in the lower part there are the properties: Hot properties assume a different color (purple) than normal.

Figure 3.19. Categories list: frontend layout

Categories list: frontend layout

[Tip]Customize the look

Inside Domus Organizer the style of each element is defined by stylesheets: each part (rounded corners, shadows and gradient background) is obtained using CSS3. This means that if you want to change the standard layout so that it fits better to the template of your site, you can do it without too much trouble: you do not need to create new images or other graphics, just override the original CSS.

[Note]Multi language support

Multi language support (property title and description, categories and types translations) is available on PRO version only.

For further info and correct configuration, please take a look at the related entry inside the manual

You can configure some aspects of this view through the menu options.

Figure 3.20. Categories view: menu params

Categories view: menu params

1. Display number of properties

Should be shown the number of properties in each category?

2. Display properties

Properties should be shown below the list of categories? You can assign the following values:

  • None Properties are hidden

  • All properties Shows all the properties, both normal and hot

  • Hot properties only Show only hot properties

  • Hot properties and normal ones (separate lists) First shows the hot properties, then the normal ones

[Important]Properties pagination

Properties can be paginated only in the All properties option.

3. Number of hot properties

Hot properties limit

4. Number of normal properties

Normal properties limit