Support for content plugin


This feature is available only inside the professional version of Domus Organizer

Inside Domus Organizer you have the option to trigger content plugins: this is a very useful method to extend the standard behavior without hacking the core files.

Let's say you want to display a video or give the users the option to download files related to the property: just enable the option inside Domus Organizer, add the plugin code and you're ready to go!

Moreover, content plugins will be recognized inside custom fields, too. This opens to a very interesting scenario: you can create a property element named Video or Documents, set its type to Input and then insert there the plugin code.

First of all let's create a new group that will hold the media info:

Example 4.1. Support for content plugin: Media group

Then let's add a new field to this group:

Example 4.2. Support for content plugin: Element

Of course this field will be public, but we don't want it to be searchable, so it won't appear in the advanced search page.

Finally, we put the plugin code inside the property field (of course you will have to change it accordingly with the actual plugin you installed on your site):

Example 4.3. Support for content plugin: Usage inside a property element

And this is your final result:

Figure 4.17. Support for content plugin

Support for content plugin

In this way you will have a very nice tab with all media related stuff!

[Important]Plugins and compatibility

As you can image, integrating two different extensions is always a pesky task: things can work like a charm (as we displayed above) or you can face several conflicts.

Please keep this in mind before asking support, since we can't provide any support for conflicts caused by external extensions.