Automatic updates

Updating automatically with the Joomla! extensions update feature


This Joomla! feature requires that your server supports fopen() URL wrappers (allow_url_fopen is set to 1 in your server's php.ini file) or has the PHP cURL extension enabled. Moreover, if your server has a firewall, it has to allow TCP connections over ports 80 and 443 to If you don't see any updates or if they fail to download please ask your host to check that these conditions are met. If they are met but you still do not see the updates please file a bug report in the official Joomla! forum. In the meantime you can use the manual update methods.

Domus Organizer can be updated just like any other Joomla! extension, using the Joomla! extensions update feature. Joomla! is responsible for finding the updates, downloading them and installing them on your server. You can access the extensions update feature in two different ways:

  • From the icon your Joomla! administrator control panel page. On Joomla! 3 you will find the icon in the left-hand sidebar, under the Maintenance header. It has an icon which looks like an empty star. When there are updates found for any of your extensions you will see the Updates are available message. Clicking on it will get you to the Update page of Joomla! Extensions Manager.

  • From the top menu of your Joomla! administrator click on Extensions, Extensions Manager. From that page click on the Update tab found in the left-hand sidebar on Joomla! 3. Clicking on it will get you to the Update page of Joomla! Extensions Manager.

If you do not see the updates try clicking on the Find Updates button in the toolbar. If you do not see the updates still you may want to wait up to 24 hours before retrying. This has to do with the way the update CDN works and how Joomla! caches the update information.

If there is an update available for Domus Organizer tick the box to the left of its row and then click on the Update button in the toolbar. Joomla! will now download and install the update.


Domus Organizer Professional needs you to set up the Download ID before you can install the updates. You can find your main download ID on our site's My subscriptions page. Then go to your site's administrator page and click on Components, Domus Organizer, and click on the Options button in the toolbar. Click on the General tab and paste your Download ID there. Finally, click on Save & Close.

If Joomla! cannot download the package, please use one of the manual update methods described below.

Updating manually

If the automatic update using Joomla!'s extensions update feature does not work, please install the update manually.


When installing an update manually you MUST NOT uninstall your existing version of Domus Organizer. Uninstalling Domus Organizer will always remove all your settings. You definitely not want that to happen!