User profile

The user profile contains information related to the current user, the fields related to the phone number and email will be displayed in the properties assigned to agents.

Figure 3.68. System tables: User profile

System tables: User profile

Agent first name

Last name

Agent last name

Joomla user

Joomla user linked to this agent. On pro version, this field is editable only by users that have the Component Administrator permission.

Preferred agency

The agency that the agent is usually using. Please note that this field is used only for aesthetic reasons: it won't affect in any way the action the agent can do.


Color of the agent in the agenda

Phone, Mobile and Email

Contact details of the agent


Agent profile picture

[Note]Properties assigned to agents

Properties assigned to agents feature is available on PRO version only.

[Note]Pro field

The field Preferred Agency is available on PRO version only, since it requires the Support for multiple agencies feature

The field Photo is available on PRO version only.