Utility Functions

On backend, there are some utility functions that allows you to work on several elements at once.

Figure 3.56. Utility functions

Utility functions

Unlock records

To avoid side effects, Domus Organizer prevents saving a record if it is already being edited by another user. In the event that the person who initiated the change does not save or navigate directly to another page, the record continues to be inaccessible to other users.

With this utility function it is possible to unlock all the records, to make them available for editing.


Warning! Use this feature only if you are SURE that no one is making a change, otherwise there may be side effects!

Rebuild customer/property keys

If you decide to change the fields indexed by the free search of customers and properties, you must regenerate the keywords for each record using this feature.

Rebuild categories entries

It will rebuild the number of entries for each category.

Install sample data

This option will install the sample data in your own language, if available, otherwise the data will be entered in English.


Installing the sample data will overwrite ALL EXISTING DATA !

Complete this operation only on an empty archive or if you want to replace the existent data!

Import data

This feature is available on Domus Organizer Pro only. Please refer to this section for further details.