Install template overrides

[Note]What's a template override?

If you don't know what's a template override, you really should read this guide: Joomla! template override system, since we're going to use them a lot!

First of all, you should setup template overrides. Surf to the Template overrides submenu and you will find two tables.

The table on the left, shows the ready-to-use overrides that come with J4Schema, on the right you can find the overrides that already exist.

When you click on Copy overrides toolbar button, J4Schema overrides will be copied inside your current template override folder; if the files are already present, they will be backed up.

Our overrides won't change the presentation of your articles, the are just com_content layouts with inside our tokens, ready to use. However, if you already have your overrides (and you want to keep them), you have to manually merge ours with yours. You can find our file inside this folder:


[Note]YOOtheme Warp users

Latest YOOtheme template are based on Warp framework, which overrides by default every section of your Joomla! site.

This means that you MUST NOT install the templates overrides automatically, but you have to manually copy them inside this folder: