Chapter 6. Troubleshooting

Types and Attributes aren't displayed

Sometimes, on some installation, attributes and types trees are not loaded.

  1. If you're under Joomla! 1.5, check if you have installed the latest available version, and if the system plugin Mootools upgrade is activated.

  2. J4Schema requires a quite number of javascript files to correctly display those two trees. If it's the first time you're using this extension, maybe your browser didn't complete the download from your server.

    To fix that, simply reload the page. Please note that JCE editor loads the plugin using an IFRAME, so you have to right click on the screen » this frame » reload this frame

  3. If you still can't load the trees, probably there is another plugin conflicting with J4Schema. Sadly some plugin "hack" global Javascript object and this causes a lot of problems.

    You should disable all the plugins and try to enable them one by one: in this way you can understand who's conflicting with J4Schema.