Chapter 5. Professional Version

Inside J4Schema Professional package you'll find new features and some useful function that will help you on choosing and selecting the elements.

  • Token management Automatically replace your own tokens with attributes
  • Template overrides for standard tokens We provided template overrides for these components with standard attributes:

    • Joomla! standard content (com_content)

    • Virtuemart product page

    However you can apply the same logic to every part of your site!

  • Auto-expansion of tree type On editor view, if the attribute you have chosen could be an itemtype, there will be a shortcut to automatically expand the type tree to that element

How to download/install

Professional versions are available to users with an active membership. Once you purchased it, you will find the professional packages inside every version; you can install it as a regular Joomla! package.

[Note]Updates for Pro versions

To enable automatically updates you must enter your Download ID inside the Download ID field that you can find in the Option page of the component.

After login, you can find the Download ID on our site under Account -> My Subscriptions menu.