Download tokens

We saw in the previous chapter that TrackTime can organize your extensions; however, when you want to install them on customer site, you always have to download it first and then upload to customer site.

Pretty annoying, hu?

Well, TrackTime can provide you a single-use download URL, pointing to the extension you want to install. Instead of uploading it to customer site, use Joomla Install from URL feature.

[Important]Install from URL and 3rd party extensions

Some extensions could have some problems using the Install from URL function (for example, at writing time, JCE). This is not TrackTime fault, but it depends on how the extension has been developed.

We strongly suggest you to run some tests and find which one could be installed from URL.

Create a download token

The easiest way to create a single-time download URL is directly from the extension page, clicking on the image with wheels:

After clicking on the image, you should see something like this:

If you already have some unused link, TrackTime will warn you. You can force token creation, but it's wiser to remove or use any unused extension link.

[Important]Keep links secret!

As warned while creating a new token, you should share these links only with people you trust. Anyone that knows a link will be able to download the extension, so keep them secret!