Manage Templates

Tracktime can have more than one template for each group, so you can use one for drafts and another one for "real" reports, or, maybe, you can use different layouts depending from the kind of job you're printing.

Tracktime comes shipped with 5 templates:

  • PDF template for invoicing

  • HTML template for email the invoice as attachment

  • HTML template for activity report email

  • PDF template for project credentials

  • PDF template for project activity summary

Feel free to modify them as you wish, you can always restore them later.

Add/edit template

Editing or creating a new template is very simple: just create the layout you'd wish to use and then inject the tokens you need: Tracktime will replace them with the correct values.

[Note]PDF layout

Creating layouts for PDF can be very tricky, since you should use "old fashion" HTML to display everything correctly (nested tables and so on).

Standard templates are ready-to-use, so if you have to change something, we strongly suggest you to start from that. However, if anything goes wrong, we've added a "restore factory settings" link (see below): it will add a new standard template.

Advanced styling

While creating a new template, you should use some conventions to further style your document:

  • In any of your PDF template you can set the header and the footer simply creating an element and assign it the id header or footer. The element would removed from the body and inject inside the header or the footer.

  • In the Invoice (PDF) template, you can create a table with invoiceRows id. You can style the header and the first row (adding the tokens you need). TrackTime will add a row for each invoice record, replacing tokens with their value.

  • Inside the Project summary (PDF) template, you can create a table with projectSumActivities id. You can style the header (but remember that you must create 4 columns), then TrackTime will append a row for each activity.

  • Inside the Project credentials (PDF) template, you can create a table with projectOtherInfo id. you can style the header as you wish, TrackTime will append all the custom fields that you created.

  • Inside the Activity report (HTML) template, you can create a table with activityList id. TrackTime will append a row for each activity.