Chapter 1. Preface

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Working as freelancer is a great thing: you are your own boss, you make your own decisions, without having to ask permission to someone else. In a word, you're free to act however you want.

It's great but With great power comes great responsibility: you have to directly deal with customers, you have to manage them and you have to collect payments from them.

Sadly, if you are alone, you can't avoid these tasks, but they will drain you time that you should spend on (paid) work or relax. Moreover, regardless if you're charging your customer hourly or you have a fixed budget, you should track the time spent on it, so you can understand how much are really earning.

At least these were my needs :)

Since I couldn't find a Joomla! extension ready for that, I decided to create it on my own.


TrackTime comes with some interesting features that will help you on your everyday work:

  • Integrated timer Just start it and get back to work. It will write down how much time you spent on a activity.

  • Deadlines You'll get a visual state of how far is the deadline. With each passing day, your project will change color, reflecting how close the deadline is.

  • Attachments Organize your files and find them right when you need them

  • Activity list So you can have a report on what you did and when.

  • Project list Organize every info you need: domain, ftp url, access info etc etc. Don't worry about security, everything is stored encrypted!

  • Customer list