Chapter 4. Professional Version

Inside Tracktime professional package you'll find more useful features to help you on your daily routine.

At the moment we have included these new functions:

  • Remote Tracking We have developed a plugin that you can install on your customer site. Every time you login, the timer will automatically start; when you logout, the plugin will send the time spent on the project to you site, saving it.

  • Invoice system It's a very useful module. Create your invoice templates, assign elements to the invoice, create it and send it to the customer!

    Tracktime will automatically calculate the cost starting from hour stacks or activities; however you can manually enter a new record.

  • Extension repository How do you organize your extensions? It would be great if you could keep track of them, update them automatically and receive updates when one of your sites is using an outdated version...

    Now you can!

  • Download tokens Now that you have all your extensions organized, you still have to download from your site and upload them to customer one. With this feature, you can create a single-time download link, so you can use Joomla feature Install from URL.

  • Frontend management Allow your co-workers and customers to access to TrackTime

  • Correspondence Save the documents you created, so you can archive them and search for them. For example, you can create your own letterhead or create models (ie estimates).

  • Reports Send project information to the customer and a report of the activities

  • Agenda Write down your appointments and your expected incomes / outcomes

How to download/install

Professional versions are available to users with an active membership. Once you purchased it, you will find the professional packages inside every version; you can install it as a regular Joomla! package.

[Note]Updates for Pro versions

To enable automatically updates you must enter your Download ID inside the Download ID field that you can find in the Option page of the component.

After login, you can find the Download ID on our site under Account » My Subscriptions menu.

[Warning]Free versions vs PRO versions please pay attention!

Never, ever, ever, ever, install a free version on top of a pro one: you could incurr in weird risult, forcing you to uninstall the extension, loosing all of the data you saved!