Manage projects

Now let's dive into the core of Tracktime: projects.

On Projects menu you can find the list of all of your project, plus some handy information: (please note how row color changes depending on the deadline)


Project ID

Published (image only)

Is this project open?


Project name


Project deadline


Customer project owner


Project category


Site domain


Hours spent on this project, taken from the Activities list


Project budget

Hourly cost

Hourly cost of the project

Total (hourly charged)

This is the amount that you should ask to the customer if you charge hourly

Hourly revenue

This is the ratio between worked hours and project budget. It's a sort of flag to show if you're spending to much time on the project:

  • If this ratio is more than project hourly cost, the text is green

  • If this ratio is less than project hourly cost, the text is red

[Note]Project budget and hourly cost

As you can see, you should always add the project budget and its hourly cost.

In this way you can have a sort of indicator to know how "well" the project is going and maybe, if you're working with a fixed budget, have a little "chat" with your customer.

Add/edit project

The edit project screen is organized into tabs, for better handling:

Project Details

[Tip]Set the prices!

Remember to save the prices you apply to this project: Price (intended as budget) and Hourly charge. Set the latter one even if you're not charging on hourly base: we'll use them to know how much profitable this project is.

In this way you can analize them: if you've worked for 40 hours and you usually charge 25$ at hour, but you have a budget of 400$... well now you know that there is something wrong.

Access details

When you have a lot of sites, it easy to forgot the access details. Write it down here, so you'll never forget them!


Don't worry about saving your password: data are stored encrypted inside the database, so they will be useless without the correct key

[Tip]Create import file for Filezilla

If you fullfill every info in the FTP part, you'll be able to create an xml file that you can import with Filezilla.


Here you can find the list of project activities


Customer gave you some important files? Organize them, attaching them to the project.