Remote Tracking

TrackTime has a built-in timer, but you have to manually trigger it. What about doing this automatically?

With Remote Tracking, every time you stop working on your customer site, the plugin will send the time spent on the project on your TrackTime site. Pretty nice huh?

1. System checks

Remote Tracking needs cURL installed (preferred) or allow_url_fopen set to true

2. Active for the user

Choose for which user Remote Tracking should trigger the timer

3. Enable tracking on

You can choose to enable the tracking on backend or frontend only or on both part of the site

4. TrackTime site

The complete URL of your site (with TrackTime installed, of course)

5. Project ID

The ID of the project you're working on. You can find it on the project list

6. Stack Hour ID (optional)

The stack hour ID linked to the project. You can find it on the stack hour list

7. Secret word

This is the secret word used to authenticate Remote Tracking on your site. It must be the same of the one set inside TrackTime params.

8. Debug

Set this param to yes only if requested by tech support. If Remote Tracking can't send data to your main site, a debug file will be produced in this location yoursite/cache/remotetrack.php

[Important]Remember to logout!

Remote Tracking is a user plugin, so it's fired when the you login or logout. If you leave the customer site without logging out, or your session expires, Joomla! will kick you off without firing the logout event, so nothing will be stored.

[Note]Server configuration

In order to work properly, Remote Tracking needs that the cURL library is installed or allow_url_fopen is set to true. However, in some server configuration, might be a firewall blocking outgoing connections; sadly in these cases Remote Tracking can't do anything, since it's blocked by server permissions.