Sometimes it's hard to organize your own documents: the potential customer calls you after 3 months, do you remember where did you save the estimate he's talking about?

Inside the Professional version you can find an archive of your documents: you can define some models, then use them as starting point for your work

Manage documents

On Correspondence submenu you can find all the documents you have created: you can view a preview orprint each row simply clicking on the icons.

Create a new model

First of all we have to create a new model for your document; to do that, we simply create a new template and assign it the group Corrispondence and the type PDF.

Then you can start writing down the html: you can use all the tokens that you would use inside a normal template. When you're done, simply save the template.

Create a new document

Name, Group, Customer, Project

With these fields you can assign a name and a group (ie Estimate or Generic) to the document and link it to an existing customer and project.


Which template do you wish to use?

Document Body

Here you can create your document: on new documents, TrackTime will suggest the default one; if you want a different one, simply choose it from the template field.


Choosing a new template will reset this field and you'll lose every changes!