Display mode

TrackTime comes with three different display mode: monthly, weekly and daily.

On each view, you have different layout to help you out on event edit and creation. For example, on weekly and monthly view, you can simply drag&drop and event to move it to another day; on weekly and daily you can resize an it to change its duration.

Events are coloured using this convention:

  • Active events (incomes) are green.

  • Passive events (payments) are red.

  • Events with a category inherit their color from the category.

  • Normal events are blue.

Monthly view

This is the default view when you access your agenda: "normal" appointments have the start time next to the title, while all-day events don't have it. If you hover with your mouse on a event, a nice tooltip will display related infos: category, customer, project, user assigned and an incipit of the description.

If you double-click on a day, you'll change your view to daily; if you click on a event you'll enter on edit mode: about that, remember that you can move an appointment to another day simply drag&dropping it to a new date.

If you want to add a new event, simply click on the New button.