TrackTime could be extended with custom plugins, in order to expand its features and fullfill your needs.

Those plugins are standard Joomla! plugin, so you can install them as every Joomla! package; however, most of them are installed as default, you only need to enable them if you need to.

Invoicing - Withholding tax

In some countries you have to apply a withholding tax: if you create an invoice of 1.000 € and you have a withholding tax of 20%, you'll receive from your customer 800 €, since he will pay taxes for you.

In order to manage that, we have created a plugin that automatically decrements the total of your invoice:

As every plugin, you have a set of options to customize its behaviour:

1. Percentage of the tax

Tax percentage; if you have to add decimals value, use the point . as decimal separator. Ie 12.50

2. Text for the tax row

Record text