Sending activities automatically

If you send the activities to your customers on regular basis, you should consider setting up a chronjob.

On your server management page, you have to create a chronjob pointing to this file:

your/server/root/cli/tracktime.php -a [options]

The a switch tells TrackTime to send the activities, you can add these options:

  • --sendtome sends to the email address you put in the component params the same email you're sending to the customer, so you can control what's going on.

  • --template [integer] If you want to use a particular template, use its ID

  • --subject [string] If you want to use a particular mail subject, you can use this option. If the string contains spaces, remember to enclose it with double quotes, ie --subject "Activity report"

A complete chronjob is something like this:

your/server/root/cli/tracktime.php -a --sendtome --template 6 --subject "Activity report"