TCPDF library

Joomla 1.5 used to have the TCPDF included inside the installation package.
Sadly in 2.5 there is no such library, so here you can find a Joomla ready-to-install archive.

It's a useful resource for developers: they can install this library when they install their extensions, then it could be updated using Joomla! update stream.

This is a "lite" version, with most used fonts only. If you need more, you can consider downloading the main package from the official site.

Stable 6.0.012

Released on:
Sunday, 28 April 2013 16:22

New version 6.0.0

IMPORTANT: PHP4 support has been removed starting from this version.

  • An error condition in addHtmlLink() method was fixed (bug #799).
  • Minor documentation changes.
  • The method Rect() was fixed to print borders correctly.
  • Adding back some files that were not properly committed on the latest release.
  • Duplicated encoding maps was removed from tcpdf_font_data.php.
  • Fixing bug on AddTTFFont().
  • HTML/CSS font size conversion were improved.
  • Bug related to SVG and EPS files on xobjects were fixed.
  • Default font path was fixed.
  • Return value of addTTFfont() method was fixed.
  • A bug related to non-unicode mode was fixed.
  • _getFIXED call on tcpdf_fonts.php was fixed.
  • Fixed $uni_type call on tcpdf.php.
  • Several TCPDF methods and vars were moved to new class files: tcpdf_static.php, tcpdf_colors.php, tcpdf_images.php, tcpdf_font_data.php, tcpdf_fonts.php.
  • Files htmlcolors.php, spotcolors.php, unicode_data.php and ecodings_maps.php were removed.
  • Barcode classes were renamed and new barcode examples were added.
  • Class TCPDF_PARSER was improved.
  • Image method was improved.
  • objclone fuction was patched to support old imagick extensions.
  • tcpdf_parser was improved to support Cross-Reference Streams and large streams.
  • Datamatrix class was fixed (a debug echo was removed).
  • Bug item #754 "PNG with alpha channel becomes gray scale" was fixed.
  • Minor documentation fixes.

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