Since Domus Organizer had some success, we're going to release a professional version with more features.

In the upcoming version there will be an enhancement of the search: you'll be able to perform an advanced search through properties or customer requests, filtering by room type, location and property attributes.

Plus, we have just created a new interesting feature, the Automatic Search!
Let's say you want to sell a property: not just a generic one, but a specific one. Who could be interested?
Well, just open the property page, got to the Automatic search tab and..  BANG!  you'll get a list of potential customers!

Domus Organizer can perform a search using some generic filters, to narrow the search for customers: then you can start calling them and suggest your properties.
By the way, this feature works on customers, too.


But this is only the tip of the iceberg! We have plenty of ideas for the future:

  • Agenda (probably synced with Google Calendar)
  • Yards management
  • Reports
  • Docs generator from templates (rent contract, sale contract ecc ecc)
  • Export vs external portal (ie Kiji and so on)

If you have more suggestions, please post them on the forum, we'll consider them!

Stay tuned for the upcoming releases.