Session at JoomlaDay Italy 2013

joomladay header 2013 resizeI've been invited to hold a session at the Italian JoomlaDay that will be held in Naples, in October 12th 2013.
In my session I'll show the latest features added to Joomla 3.2, plus a short recap about Joomla versioning (STS vs LTS releases).

A video of the my talk, should be available, it will be uploaded as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Video and slides are available! Please go to the full article to view them.


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Joomla code sprint

I have been invited to partecipate to the Joomla code sprint that will be held in Pistoia on July 27th and 28th.

In this session we will complete the development of the FrameworkOnFramework library, in order to be included inside the 3.2 version of Joomla as RAD library.

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Domus Organizer Pro

Since Domus Organizer had some success, we're going to release a professional version with more features.

In the upcoming version there will be an enhancement of the search: you'll be able to perform an advanced search through properties or customer requests, filtering by room type, location and property attributes.

Plus, we have just created a new interesting feature, the Automatic Search!
Let's say you want to sell a property: not just a generic one, but a specific one. Who could be interested?
Well, just open the property page, got to the Automatic search tab and..  BANG!  you'll get a list of potential customers!

Domus Organizer can perform a search using some generic filters, to narrow the search for customers: then you can start calling them and suggest your properties.
By the way, this feature works on customers, too.

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Domus Organizer is "Noteworthy"

Our latest product, Domus Organizer, is now under the section "New and Noteworthy" and it's displayed on Joomla Extension Directory homepage.
In a week, we got more than 2k visits.

Thank you very much, I spent a lot of time on this extension and I'm happy to see that people found it useful.

domus organizer

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J4Schema flies to Joomla World Conference

Few days ago Ruth Cheesley (Virya Technologies) contacted me about J4Schema. She asked me if it was okay naming my estension on Joomla World Conference: as you can image, I yelled out "YES!".
Ruth made a very interesting slideshow, presenting all the benefits from using Microdata on your site, here you can find the slides she used during the presentation.

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