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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 14:06 CET
 Hi Davide
I have been trying to edit the standard property item template to make it look like the original template. I have not been successful.
I have attached 2 photos. You will see that the room size layouts are different. We prefer the one in the image named "format liked" which is the original template that comes with the package. It lines up on the left and leaves space between the rooms and the column on the right.
The image format not liked has the rooms pressed to the right.
I am not worried about having the split tables at the top of the rooms like below although it would be nice. But lining up on the left is important.
Category Detached house Price $ 449,000
Hits 17 Type For Sale
Space 2333 ft²

Hope you can help.
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Extension version (x.y.z) 3.4
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 17:31 CET
Hello Gary,

you can take a look at the file propertyplain.php inside components/com_domus/views/publics.
You can simply copy the layout of the "upper part" and then put the tokens in order to display the actual values of the property.
Thursday, 27 November 2014 18:26 CET
Hi David
I am looking at propertyplain.php I am not sure what you mean by copy the upper part. Once I do copy the part, where do I put it. Sorry but I am confused. This happens after 60 years of life.. lol

I can see the area in a table that is the way I want it to show the information. I have enclosed an image file with that code but how do I get this into the HTML file or in the templates folder. I guess I need to work more with PHP. I can read it and understand it but not good at writing.

Can you give me a little more direction..
Sorry to be a pain Davide

Sunday, 28 December 2014 00:45 CET
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